Changing the Mobile Landscape-LG

With boosted dimensions, new aspect ratios, bezel-busting designs and curved edges, innovative displays are perhaps the most striking — and immediately noticeable — feature of the latest cutting-edge smartphones presented in recent months. The trend is also expected to spread to sector heavyweights

Smartphones are becoming an extension of their owners and as such, they need to be designed and engineered to not only make calls, capture moments, and offer accessibility, but to be fashionable, and ensure innovative design with mass appeal. As such, consumer demand and expectations have unveiled trends that smartphone manufacturers like LG are taking into strong consideration when developing the latest innovative smartphones, placing emphasis on delivering trendsetting products that boast features such as increased display size, voice computing, single handed usability, durability and longer battery life,” Yong Geun Choi , President, LG Electronics Gulf at a event .

Smartphone durability is rarely among the top concerns of customers when researching on new phones. However, all it takes is a single moment of carelessness – resulting in cracks and aesthetic damage – to wish for a more durable phone.

Although cracks may not have a direct impact on the functionality of the phone, water damage does. Smartphones represent a significant investment and an accidental moment in a puddle may result in a lot of sensitive data being lost in an instant. Newer rugged smartphones provide protection from such scenarios. However, these devices come with a few drawbacks, such as relatively unrefined design and inferior hardware


Mobile landscapes today are completely dynamic. The changes in mobile technology have been reflected in the versatility, changing forms and usability in the mobile phone space. Various trends in mobile technology from the point of culmination of telecommunications to where it stands as of today,mobile phones have become indispensable, showcasing the significance of innovation and technological breakthrough. It proves that continuous innovation is an inherent characteristic in the mobile space, which cannot be ignored by mobile manufacturers.Infact mobiles are at crossroads today, where they have to compete with one another to be a harmonious synthesis of usability and aesthetics. Therefore, competition has led to refinement and the need for further improvements in the mobile industry.

Naturally older versions of mobile phones were laborious to use, the newer versions are multifaceted and versatile. Also, from listening music, clicking pictures and all such entertainment features which the mobiles provide with the only differentiating factor that LG brings up is including the safety factor in the mobiles with their newly launched K10 2017, which has an inbuilt Panic button and fits in perfectly when we are talking about the changing mobile landscapes. Mobile consumers constantly want enhanced products which are durable, innovative, accessible and safe without compromising on the aesthetics and design features. While looks might appeal to the customer at the first go, yet what matters equally is the performance of the product. The ease of using the phone must be coupled with high quality and durability.

Developing user friendly interfaces with multi functionality has become of prime importance in today’s times. The customer wants more utility alongwith an uncompromised design.

We at LG, realize the importance of being a key manufacturer in mobile technology and are constantly striving to attain the goals of durability with style. While our research teams are constantly working on attaining breakthroughs in mobile manufacturing technology, the design teams are ever-thriving to achieve aesthetic appeal.  LG is a trend setter in the mobile space and wants to further this principle. LG aims to cater to a wide array of consumers with its interesting and appealing range of smartphones. The features of the phones are unique made with state of the art manufacturing and are available in various price brackets that suit consumers across a wide spectrum


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