Acer announces world’s first curved-display gaming laptop and 5K VR headset

ACER has already started the IFA 2016 on a strong note with its latest Swift 7 notebook. At 9.98mm, Acer Swift 7 sets a new benchmark for thin and ultralight notebooks. Acer Swift 7 is not just the world’s thinnest notebook but also the first to feature Intel’s 7th gen Core processor. Acer Swift 7 features fanless aluminium unibody design and weighs just 1.1Kg.

Acer Swift 7 features 13.3-inch Full HD display with Gorilla Glass protection. It uses black-and-gold dual tone design with aluminium unibody chassis. Acer Swift 7 is powered by Intel Core i5 processor coupled with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. The Swift 7 comes with two USB-C 3.1 port and a headphone jack. With Swift 7, Acer is promising up to 9 hours of battery life.


Acer has also launched Swift 1, Swift 3 and Swift 5 laptops in the Swift series. While Swift 7 is aimed at lifestyle users, other Swift range are centered around lifestyle and productivity.

Acer Swift 1: As the name itself implies, the Swift 1 is the entry level notebook in Acer’s Swift series. The laptop features a 14-inch HD display and can be configured with Intel’s Pentinum or Celeron processor. Acer Swift 1 comes with 4GB RAM and 32/64/128GB of eMMC storage. Acer Swift 1 starts at $249 in North America and will be available from November. Acer Swift 1 is aimed at school students looking at lightweight laptop with all day battery life.

Acer Swift 3: The Swift 3 is every step better than Swift 1 thanks to the faster 7th gen Intel Core processor, up to 8GB memory and fast 512GB SSD storage option. The Acer Swift 3 features a 14-inch display with option of HD or Full HD panel and up to 12 hours of battery life. Acer Swift 3 combines productivity and mobility into a single device with its 17.95mm thick profile and 1.5Kg weight.

Acer Swift 5: Acer’s Swift 5 is an attempt by the company to take on the likes of offerings like Dell XPS 13. The laptop crams a 14-inch display into a 13-inch frame with thin bezels. The notebook is 14.58mm thick and weighs just 1.36Kg.

Acer Swift 5 comes with latest 7th generation Intel Core processors with up to 8GB RAM and 256 or 512GB SSD storage. The laptop features a backlit keyboard, USB-C port and up to 13 hours of battery life. It can be also configured with a optional touch display and a fingerprint reader.

Acer has also announced Spin range of Windows10  notebook which are essentially flippable models of Swift range. With Spin series, Acer is trying to offer notebooks that can flip, rotate and even be used as a tablet.

Acer Spin 7: The Spin 7 is basically a more powerful and slightly thicker version of Swift 7 but its 360 degree convertible hinge makes it extremely flexible. The Spin 7 is just 10.98mm thick and weighs just 1.2Kg. It again has a 14-inch display housed inside an incredibly slim 13-inch casing. The laptop features aluminium unibody housing and can be configured with up to Intel Core i7 processor. The laptop comes with options of up to 8GB RAM, 256GB storage and dual USB-C 3.1 ports. The Acer Spin 7 will start at $1,199 and will be available starting from October in North America and other select markets.

Acer Spin 5: Acer Spin 5 is small and compact with its 13.3-inch display and optional pen input. The laptop features wobble-free 360 degree hinge. The convertible Windows 10 notebook can be configured with up to 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 7th generation Intel Core processor. The Acer Spin 5 will be available in select markets from September at a starting price of $599.

Acer Spin 3: The Spin 3 is for those who prefer a bigger display and more storage space. The Acer Spin 3 features a 15.6-inch HD or Full HD IPS display, Intel Skylake processor, up to 12GB RAM and option for dual storage. The laptop could be ideal for those who use a single laptop for work and play. Acer Spin 3 comes with backlit keyboard and up to 9.5 hours of battery life.

Acer Spin 1: The last but not the least important device in the range is Spin 1. With Spin 1, Acer is offering a convertible Windows notebook ideal for school students. Acer Spin 1 is ultra affordable with a starting price of just $249 and supports Windows 10 feature like Ink with Active Pen. Acer Spin 1 can be chosen with a 11.6 or 13-inch Full HD display, Intel Pentium ot Celeron processor.

AceAcer also announced a partnership with IMAX that will see its 5K StarVR virtual reality HMD feature at the IMAX VR Center in Los Angeles set to open later this year. Co-created by Swedish video game developer Starbreeze Studios, Acer hopes that the StarVR’s ultra-wide 210-degree horizontal field of view and custom optics will blur the lines between movies and video games.

Acer president and CEO Jason Chen — who also revealed that the headset will enter mass production in 2017 — said of the announcement: “The realisation of the most premium VR experience ever offered isn’t just our dream, but one of an entire ecosystem that encompasses hardware makers, video game developers, theatre companies, filmmakers and many others.”

Acer and Starbreeze’s StarVR will be showcased at location-based StarCade venues and sold to professional companies, with “high-end cinemas, gaming arcades, automotive retail and aviation training”, all possible candidates for its premium VR thrills


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